Ask The Sexpert: Just How Can Lesbians Have Safer Intercourse?

Ask The Sexpert: Just How Can Lesbians Have Safer Intercourse?

Newsflash: you should be utilizing condoms. Yes, CONDOMS.

Recently, I’ve been seeing lot of various wellness resources and community leaders explore just just exactly how lesbians don’t need condoms after all inside their intercourse techniques. And this concept really perplexes me personally! Each time we see clearly someplace, we pause and think huh? Where did these individuals obtain safer intercourse information from?

It is an integral part of a larger societal issue for the reason that lesbian, queer and bi ladies are usually put aside when you look at the discussion about intimate health insurance and STIs. It is as if individuals believe STIs only result from penises and that lesbian, queer and bisexual ladies don’t ever have actually penises.

Information flash: STIs could be handed down in lots of different means. Through skin to epidermis contact. From rectal intercourse. From oral intercourse. From sharing adult sex toys. More or less any type of sex that you’re having, it is most most likely that STIs can be passed on possibly, from individual to individual. It is also essential to keep in mind that lesbian, queer and women that are bisexual have actually penises. Or often we utilize dildos during intercourse. Read more

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